Historical constituents of NSE indices.

Is there a provision to get the historical index constituents of NSE indices? I am new here sorry if this has already been answered before. Kindly point me to the same.
  • autotrading

    This is the new link from where you can download the above mentioned IndexInclExcl.xls file.

    But very strangely, even this file seems to have the data till 31 July 2020 only, NSE doesn’t seem to have updated this file after that. So from where do we get the latest list which shows all the Inclusions and Exclusions of Stocks from different NSE Indices?

    And it would be really helpful if instead of just having the Company NAMES, we could actually have the proper NSE SYMBOLS for the same, as that would make it much easier to work with such data.

    If anyone has any ideas in this regards, then please share.

    Thank you.
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