Invalid API credentials


I'm getting Invalid API credentials error.

below is the url, I'm using...

I subscribed to both Kite connect api and historical api add on.

Please help me.
  • Kailash
    Hm, that should work. Could you send me a private message with your live access_token?
  • vishnus
    Hi Madhusudhan,

    I just tried with the same URL and it works fine for me. Can you regenerate access token and try again?
    PS: Access token has a validity of one day only.

  • madhusudhan.maddula
    Hi vishnus,

    I'm using secret key as access token, is it correct?
    If not, please tell me how to generate access token.

  • Kailash
    @madhusudhan.maddula That is not correct. Once you get the request_token, you have to exchange it for an access_token using your secret key and creating a checksum using SHA-256. Please read the documentation where this is explained in detail or look at the several other posts on the forum that discusses this.
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