Level 3 ,20 Depth websockets Data

here to get Level 3 Data web Sockets data ?
how much its costs ? seen rates in nse site, i am talking about data brokers to end users .
also read NSE is not allowing zerodha to provide Level 20 Depth to its api users , why can’t they allow it ,they were okay to display in web Platform .both web or any other platform app ,uses same sockets/Data connection .
  • themohammedfaisal
    @kiranMaya ,

    Apologies for the delayed response.
    We are only allowed to distribute the 20 market depth feed on our platforms- Kite Web and mobile apps.
    Unfortunately, we cannot redistribute it on the API as this will count as redistribution. You would need to reach out to NSE or an NSE authorized distributor for the same.
  • kiranMaya
    Are there any third party level 20 data providers ? ,subscription based .searched a lot ,did't Found any info expect tick data providers .
    is My Chance of getting level 20 data is zero as of now .?
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