Exit MIS Order using Order ID

it seems like there is an option to exit the trade using the kite.exit_order(order_id) function for BO/CO orders. Can we expect something similar for MIS orders too?
If not, then can you hint at a logic to implement the same at my end?
  • tonystark
    Exiting an order is basically placing a reverse order. If you BUY, place a SELL order with same parameters. For BO/CO it is a special case thats why a function exists.
  • yamJ
    yeah, I understand that. kite.orders() gives all the orders that were placed. So, it becomes a bit confusing. I am thinking that i will have to create a dictionary that stores all the orders with keys being stock name. then write the order details into that. this way i can track which orders were to enter and whether the same order has been exited or not. Was just being lazy to do that.
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