Looking for Developer

Hi We are looking for developer to create Automated trading system .
  • krishnan1159
    Hi I can help in create to automated trading system. Can you reach me at [email protected]
  • FoxTradingSolutions
    Dear @Anushka ,

    We can help you deploy algos. We have vivid experience in building algorithms. Our contact details are:
    M: 9799871428
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Website: foxtradingsolutions.com
  • HollyWood
    Hi. Name is William - here are my creds @ www.linkedin.com/in/william1358132134. Let me know what you are trying to accomplish. Love helping out and adding to a talent pool
  • algo_programmer
    We are a team of programmers, having experience of more than 8 years in algo trading development. Rank among top 2 consultants on interactive brokers consultants webpage. Our profile is new at Zerodha.

  • rjamitsharma
    Anything you do manually can be done automatic

    contact on 9001103563 for any kind of algo
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