Required! Teacher/Mentor/Guide in technical aspects of algo trading.

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I don't know if this is right forum for such a topic.
I am new to algo trading. Basically, know nothing about algo trading. So, I am thinking of getting help from somebody who is expert in the field. Most queries won’t be regarding strategy etc and I will take care of learning basics of a language (python) on my own. The need is basically of a go to person who will help, guide, trouble shoot, be a partner in crime in this hopefully wonderful journey.
1. Remuneration (if wanted) can be negotiated on per hour/per task/ monthly basis.
2. If no remuneration is asked for and person is willing to help out of good will - more than welcome :)
In such a case it won’t be a hirer (I)-hired(you) relationship but that of a mentor (You) and a mentee (I).
Anyways everybody who are willing are whole heartedly welcome.
Plz DM if interested.

Thanks, and Regards
  • mehtakrunal
    I can help.. I have been exploring algo trading for last 6 months now. Still working on strategy. Algo system is easy to build. Most tough part is strategy
  • ganeshv02
    I have recently started working on ALGO trading. I am concentrating on coding Intraday option buying for BANK NIFTY/NIFTY. We can work together and come up with a strategy and also code together. If you are really keen, we can create a telegram group to share ideas. Let me know.
  • msdtime
    Thank you.
    I can share some of the strategies I am religiously following and giving good results.
    I have 3 strategies.
    1. Breakout strategy which is doing exceptionally well due to current volatility.
    2. Options selling man reversion strategy directional
    3. Option selling delta neutral strategy.

    Also there are few strategies which are being successfully implemented by some traders famous on tweeter.
    So yeah if you can help me I can help you with strategies.
    Plz DM so that we can chat.
  • msdtime
    @mehtakrunal @ganeshv02
    I am more than ready to collaborate with both of you!!
    I have multiple live traded (not just backtested) strategies which I can share and collaborate on.
    Hope you guys can help me in starting Kiteconnect api on my system,
    Also we need to code the strategy in python. I am still learning python. So most coding etc need to be done by you guys.
    Both of you plz connect me on DM. Will share contacts there only.
  • amdekol
    Hi. I was also looking for some help with starting the code on Kite Connect. Still learning python.
  • SandeepKV
    Hi @msdtime I am also considering collaborating with you guys and I have been exploring the platform for some time and can try and help you. Before we get started I am curious to know how you have backtested your strategy? Are you using the Zerodha historical data or anything similar?
  • ganeshv02
    Thanks @KKIA. Does it also have option data?
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