unable to get exact quote detail from web socket.

I'm using C# to get quotes from webscokets. When I'm subscribing for instrument token "408065" during market close hours, its constantly replying below message:
note:- below data in byte[] array


From above data I'm able to parse below data:
# of packets i.e. 1,
length of first packet i.e. 44,
instrument token i.e 408065
but every other fields ltp, open/close/high/low price, etc,,, having junk data

1) May you please assist us decode the websocket api?
2) As mention on webscoket API -> "packet structure" documentation, type of every bytes have int16 or int32, what is the instrument price in float i.e in point like 43.50, 43.54, etc,,
  • dineshkumarc
    can i have an answer please..
  • Kailash
    Hi, all values are INTs (prices in paise). There are no floats. You should read them as INTs and divide by 100 to get the price in float.

    Can you try this please?
  • dineshkumarc
    @Kailash I'm getting price, but why it's not fetching Last traded quantity, Volume traded for the day, Total buy quantity, Total sell quantity??
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