Getting random 'Permission Errors'

svsio edited July 22 in API clients
Hello, I'm facing an issue where I'm getting random 'PermissionException' errors.

I can call the user API, no problem -
=> {"status"=>"success",
"exchanges"=>["MF", "NSE", "NFO", "CDS", "BSE", "BFO"],
"products"=>["CNC", "NRML", "MIS", "BO", "CO"],
"order_types"=>["MARKET", "LIMIT", "SL", "SL-M"],

But when I call the quotes API I get a permission denied error.
"status" => "error",
"message" => "Insufficient permission for that call.",
"data" => nil,
"error_type" => "PermissionException"

Anyone else seeing this problem?

I've regenerated the API secret but to no avail.
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