Limit on the number of modifications of an Order

Zerodha reduced the limit on the number of modifications on an Order from 300 to 25 recently. We were told that this was a temporary measure to enable you to handle increased load. Do we have any timeline by when this limit would be increased again? Can you guys consider at least increasing the limit to 50?
The limit of 25 is extremely constraining and ends up either reducing potential profit or increasing loss depending on how I try to manage it.

e.g. If I implement a trailing stop-loss strategy to trail in increments of 0.1% and start 1% below my purchase price, then all modifications are exhausted by the time my trailing stop-loss moves from -1% to +1.5% gain, where as on good days the stock might rise 5% or even 10%!
On the other hand if trail in increments of 0.5% to avoid running out of modifications, then if the stock rises 1.4% then I end up with a stop loss below my buy price and potentially face a loss, when it should have been above my buy price and a guaranteed profit!
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