Terraform Provider for Kite API

mrkaran edited August 2020 in General

I made a fun side project using Terraform Plugin SDK and Kite Connect APIs to "delaratively" manage stock holdings using this tool. For people unfamiliar with Terraform - it is predominantly used to provision cloud infrastructure and "declare" your infrastructure state. The benefits of this are multiple, but that's a topic for some other post.

Terraform has support of Go Plugins using the RPC architecture. Traditionally Go plugins require you to build the core program along with the plugin binary but that makes distribution really difficult. With RPC, the core program is standalone and the plugin can be independently built. There are some other advantages as well, like you can use the `log` package of the core program to neatly format log messages to end users (in a consistent way), no panics to end user (the core traps the plugin, so even if plugin crashes, the core program doesn't) etc.

You can checkout the code here: https://github.com/mr-karan/terraform-provider-kite

Feedback welcome!
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