Unable to get goclient

saran88_tanvi edited September 2020 in Go client
Facing an issue installing the package mentioned in the documentation

command prompt:
go get github.com/zerodhatech/gokiteconnect/v3

github.com/zerodhatech/gokiteconnect (download)
cannot find package "github.com/zerodhatech/gokiteconnect/v3" in any of:
(from $GOROOT)
(from $GOPATH)

All helps are highly appreciated!
  • saran88_tanvi
    is this "v3" intended? no such folder available. Let me know if i'm missing something here.
  • rhnvrm

    We support go modules for our package. You can read more about modules here (https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/Modules).

    For example, for starting a new project, the following should work:

    cd myproject
    go mod init github.com/rhnvrm/mytestproject
    go get github.com/zerodhatech/gokiteconnect/v3

    In case you are adding this package to an existing project, you might need to do a `go mod init` inside that project to add support for go modules to your project.

    It is recommended that if you are using Go 1.11+, you should use go modules. If not, backward compatibility is supported for older versions of Go. For those versions, you can use `go get github.com/zerodhatech/gokiteconnect`
  • saran88_tanvi
    thank for the response, will check.
  • saran88_tanvi
    you can close this ticket. @rhnvrm
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