Which Instrument Token Should I Use ?

I have downloaded the instrument list for NSE. But now I'm really confused coz in the list their are multiple Instruments with the same name but different trading symbols. Can someone please help me distinguish between them or explain each one to me.

For Example :

When Searching For State Bank Of India I get all these instrument :

{'instrument_type': 'EQ', 'tick_size': 0.05, 'name': 'STATE BANK OF INDIA', 'exchange': 'NSE', 'last_price': 0.0, 'expiry': '', 'tradingsymbol': 'SBIN-BL', 'lot_size': 1, 'instrument_token': '3261441', 'strike': 0.0, 'segment': 'NSE', 'exchange_token': '12740'}

{'instrument_type': 'EQ', 'tick_size': 0.05, 'name': 'STATE BANK OF INDIA', 'exchange': 'NSE', 'last_price': 0.0, 'expiry': '', 'tradingsymbol': 'SBIN', 'lot_size': 1, 'instrument_token': '779521', 'strike': 0.0, 'segment': 'NSE', 'exchange_token': '3045'}

And I have no idea what this one is :

{'instrument_type': 'EQ', 'tick_size': 0.05, 'name': 'SBIN - DEPO SETT', 'exchange': 'NSE', 'last_price': 0.0, 'expiry': '', 'tradingsymbol': 'SBIN-BE', 'lot_size': 1, 'instrument_token': '1250305', 'strike': 0.0, 'segment': 'NSE', 'exchange_token': '4884'}

In short what is the difference btw them and what is the meaning of BL, NS , etc that I find trailing the trading symbol.

Thank You.
  • nithin
    Check this link, explains more on different series and what it means.

    If you are trading the top 1000 stocks(which you most likely are), you need to be consider only the "EQ" series.

    Same stock can be in multiple series because exchange move stocks sometime from one series to another (typically the penny stocks). For example, if a stock keeps hitting circuit, exchange can move the stock to BE category, where only delivery based trades are allowed.
  • nithin
    Click on complete list in current market reports and under Securities in rolling (EQ) and trade for trade (BE,BT).
  • naz
    @nithin : while placing the order, we should be just required to specify exchanges as NSE or BSE. Zerodha's internal RMS should be able to figure out whether stock is trading in NSE-EQ or NSE-BE or NSE-BL series.

    On other brokerages (edelweiss/sharekhan), we are not required to specify EQ/BE/BL while placing orders on NSE. A client just specifies NSE and that's it. This issue is being faced while placing manual orders as well on kite.zerodha.com. Only after you have placed the order, you realized that since stock was not on EQ, order got rejected and hence you need to again try on BE.
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