Need semi algo

Can anyone create a semi algo?
I am willing to pay.

Aim: - The aim of the algo is to execute the orders by keeping trigger on a specific script

Example :

I want to sell nifty weekly 12000 PE only or buy 120000 PE and sell 12000 CE both , when the nifty Futures touch specific Price ( which i may enter it manually)

It's basically like conditional order.

Implementation :
1) I should able to select Limit or Market for the final order execution
2) I may connect 2 or more accounts for the final order execution
3) Final order may be buy and sell order or 2 above scripts execution ( example ; after the trigger one order is to sell PE and another order is to buy CE or any other scripts.
4) An whats app or telegram notification enable would be great
5) It should also give alarm or notification, like an alert system.
6) It should run in the cloud.

And feel free to call for further clarification.

I have given a link for a video for your further reference

Any programing language is ok.
If you are interested DM me.
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