Calculating price difference for stocks using kiteconnect api


Is there any method using which we can calculate the price difference of the stocks using kite connect API?

I have downloaded the OHLCV data of certain stock today and also 5 days ago.

I want to just calculate the price difference between the price of that stock today and the value of stock 5 days ago.

Is there any method to do this using kite connect API?

  • syker
    Can you be more elaborative on your question cause I am unable to understand the problem?
    Correct me if I am wrong:
    You have one file in which you have saved the stock price of INFY for the last 5 days. Now you want to calculate the difference in the stock price of today's stock price and 5 days back stock price?
    Based on my understanding, what you want is to do this whole process automatically without downloading the data manually from a third party. Right?
    If that is the case, you can activate add on kite. trade for the historical data. After subscribing to it, you can download the historical prices of any stock.?
  • Hsadikot

    Your understanding is complete and accurate.

    As suggested by you I will try implementing the solution and let you know.

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