Fully Stable BANKNIFTY Intraday Options Algo !!!

Hello Traders,

I have a fully stable algo setup with new logic, now we are running it with 2 different strategies to enhance its profitability.
I am attaching backtesting results of this year till Sept 2020 for a better understanding of how my setup would have worked, of course, the live results will vary.

We have already integrated it with a handful of clients and it's running perfectly with favorable risk/reward.

So those who are interested in this can contact me for algo setup and if you want to develop any of your strategies.
Also, do visit my last discussion.

Sagar Sethy

WhatsApp: +91 9937996989
Email: [email protected]

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE6OMq12ADyLdVfKRg
  • CARahulPatel
    Please share trade logic.
  • rejeesh31
    This is interesting data. But May I request you to post the backtest results as date/time, instrument, entry, exit, P&L? How could anyone calculate accuracy, winning streak, losing streak, maxDD from this data?
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