Conditional orders

Hi ,
I want to buy options which has trigger based on Nifty Futures,
for eg:- let us say nifty is about to break 12000 on the upside and i want to execute an 12000 CE based on when nifty will break 12000 it should automatically trigger a trade in 12000CE , which are called conditional orders.

Any idea how do i do this ?
  • dinezh

    it's quite simple


    position = False
    breakout_price = 12000
    if nifty_price > breakout_price and position == False:
    position = True
    kite.placeorder( symbol="NIFTY20NOV{ breakout_price }CE"
  • dinezh
    dinezh edited November 20
    This code is just for understanding the idea of the algo you're asking.
    once you understand the idea you can completely automate it
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