is HFT allowed in India

Is High-frequency algo trading allowed in India? I am new to Zerodha and just wrote an algo.
Just worried about running it. Please let me know if there are any restrictions?
  • Nikhil
    Hey Vishnu, HFT is allowed, but it's something you can only do on the exchange co-lo (co-location/LAN with the exchange). This is a different service altogether that the exchange offers.
  • vishnubraj
    Thanks Nikhil, I am an individual, I am thinking of doing automated trading with 100 to 200 orders per day with small profits or loss, does it considered as HFT? Will there be any issues(legal) doing it with kite connect API?
  • tanishq77
    This is not HFT bro. HFT is when automated trading machines are kept on premises of exchange itself.
  • rejeesh31
    placing 200 orders in a day is totally legal. But if you fire more than 3 orders per second, Zerotha will block your App. Be mindful of that and be sure about your risk management and position sizing in general. Good Luck!
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