How to use Zerodha buttons for pointing out Futures and Options instruments?


I had created a Google spreadsheet for carrying out Portfolio Management, Stock analysis etc. I had integrated Zerodha Buttons on a web page (which is redirected from G sheets).

Everything was going fine until I started adding FNO instruments.

Like if I add WIPRO then it easily open the orders are traded but when we add WIPRO17JANFUT, the order shows “symbol not defined”

My simple question is: How to use Zerodha buttons for Futures and Options tradings?

I’m using ticker symbol for stocks (CIPLA) and this symbols (CIPLA17JANFUT) for Futures. Here’s the link to both the page (Stock & Futures):

Cipla Stock:
Cipla Futures:

Former is working perfectly but later is showing "Invalid Symbol". How can I tackle this problem?
  • Matti
    @Sowmay You seem to be passing the exchange as "NSE" for the futures scrip as well. Change it to NFO and it should work fine.
  • Sowmay
    Oops. Such a blunder mistake.

    Thanks for your response.
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