Full automate trading based on the strategy

Hi all,

I am available to develope your strategy using kite API. Will automate your trade fully based on your requirement. Can able to deploy your strategy in cloud based. I am ready to develop the auto trade for your quoted price based on the requirement.

Please send mail to [email protected] to discuss further.
  • anandha_kumar
    Contact me for any kind of fully automation on your strategies. What ever strategies you are using to execute the trade manually can be done through algo trading without any kind of manual intervention. You can pay the development cost once the implementation completed successfully .

    API : Zerodha
    Language : .Net/python/java

    Mail id : [email protected]
  • ankitgoyalhsr
    Hello, we have .afl files and .ex4 files for amibroker and mt4 platforms respectively but we do not know how to set them up for auto trade through zerodha kite using api.. kindly help us.

    We will be very thankful for your quick response


    Ankit goyal
    9896203295, 9034490340
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