How to remove Zerodha buttons?

One problem with Zerodha JS publishes kite connect API is that it have a function to add buttons but it doesn’t have any function to remove buttons.

I had created a Spreadsheet where people can transact stocks based on the code they select from the drop down but when users select another stock, previous stocks buttons remains intact and a new Zerodha button is added, supplement to the previous button.

What is the function to remove the previous button?
  • vishnus
    Hi Sowmay,

    The way Kite publisher baskets is supposed to work is, you curate the list from your side and finally push it to the kite publisher basket. So from your end, you let the client add / remove whichever scrips they want to trade and only the final list of scrips you add to the basket. As of now we do not have a function to remove scrips from the basket.
  • Sowmay
    Thanks, @vishnus.

    Got the solution.
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