Job for a developer : A Telegram or Discord Bot that indicates trades executed from a website


The Bot I need is already almost done here in bash :

I need same spirit but more robust and automatic


I need a bot that is able to record trades executed from pre-selected traders on a specific website.

Show them in almost real time in Telegram or Discord

but with additional information like size, SL, TP, and all relevant trading information that could be catched from the website where the trades are made

Specificities :

Select multiple Traders : unlimited amount of traders to be tracked
Select between 3 Directions : All trades / Only Long trades / Only Short Trades
Have maximum informations about the trades opened or closed (Object, Price, Quantity, Direction, Type, SL,TP, Time)
Track the changed in exisiting trades (for example SL or TP change)
New objects (new shares, new cryptos, etc..) on the website are detected by the bot
Minimum Lag
automation (does not need me to launch or interact with the bot if it s not for selecting/deselecting Traders or select Direction.

The job is finish when the bot is working fine, meaning all trades from pre-selected traders from the website appear in the Telegram or Discord with maximum informations and minimum lag.

Looking at someone I could trust to do it nicely and efficiently

If interested, please PM me

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