Can someone help me out to get LastQuote for multiple stocks in one go.

I am trying to get LTP for multiple stocks in one go. But I could not get a proper way to implement.

I created a LIST for all stocks which added from my Datagrid cell.

'For adding all stocks from Datagrid to a List
Option_Symbol_List.Add(exchange + Options_Market_WatchDatagridview.Rows(ia).Cells(0).Value.ToString)

Please note, I can get response from the below code sample.
kite.GetLTP(InstrumentId:=New String() {"NSE:TCS", "NSE:DIVISLAB"})

But now I am trying to get Quote / getLTP for all stocks in one go in the same format by using the LIST which I created.

Please help me to do so with a example code

Thanks in advance.

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