Legality of Algo Trading for Retail users

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I know this question has been asked multiple but I am still not able to get a clear answer.. IS Algo trading allowed for retail investors.
Since giving an API doesn't equate to Algo trading, so is the technical argument that we (Zerodha) have given just an API and the user is making the decision to hook it to an Algo. Moreover we(zerodha) don't allow automation of login process as an API feature(although there are numerous ways to automate it), so that is one more argument that we(zerodha) are not offering algo trading.
Is above the reason why hundreds of users who automate trading using their API don't have to get an approval from Exchange because at EOD they are just giving an API to subscribe live data and place orders and nothing more.

But at EOD whatever the argument and reasoning might be, Are retails users allowed to do Algo Trading (from a legal and compliance point of view)
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    Kite Connect API enables algo trading. It is just that you can't automate login because of the mandate from the exchange.

    Otherwise, define what's algo trading for you, excluding automatic login?
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    As I said, I am not here to debate but wanted to get views on what is(or isn't allowed) for retail traders. I know Kite connect API is used for Algo trading. I myself do that and so do majority of the users of the API.
    For me algo trading is a system where orders can be placed with no input or intervention from a human, but anyone is welcome to debate and give a more apt definition.

    And BTW login process can be very easily automated using RDA BOT. I have done it myself
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