Hello Team,

I am not able to register my desired POSTBACK URL while registering for API.

Adding to this,
When I am filling the post back url textbox with this
but ended up with an error message like
"Not a valid postback URL. Please make sure it's an https:// URL"

Can some one help me on this or how we can achieve that. Here I understand the security reason but is there any other way to register any local URL ?

Vijay Sahu
  • yashwinkumar
    I had the same issue. Just replace https://localhost:8080/updatePosition with
  • ambig
    What is ? itself is down and also how safe it is to send our private data related to our money to someone else ? and why should we? I am using python. I only want to place orders from my laptop, do not wish to buy a domain
    setup https
    develop a web server
    create reverse proxy for security
    host on cloud
    just to place buy one damn share of 1 stock. wth. Has zerodha joined some cult where they want to create a huge entry barrier so that only their cult members can benefit?
    Why not there is no option like an api key like github or gitlab or many other major bigger companies provide, using which i can access and do what I want to do.
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