IOC order Type for Intraday

If I want to buy a lot of Banknifty with a specified price (or lower) and I place an order type of Validity.IOC (MIS and Limit Order)

Note: Considering that Market Depth Bids/Offers doesn't necessarily show all invisible bids/offers

1) If there are some offers (invisible in market depth but probably available in exchange) which are lower than my specified Limit Price (IOC order type) then would my order get immediately executed ?

2) If I want to square off an order by selling it, then would the safest option would be to place a Market Order then in that case to avoid a Pending order ?
  • themohammedfaisal
    1. Possible, if there is an offer, your IOC order will get executed.
    2. Yes, market orders offer the highest probability of execution.
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