Excel is crashing

Every Time I click on log in it showing dialogue box with the following message
" Microsoft Office Excel has stopped working" windows is checking for a solution to the problem....
after few seconds it getting closed automatically or restarting on itself. Though its login its showing trading symbol is null or invalid for NSE equity stocks.
Can you please tell me how to rectify the issue.
  • botany02
    botany02 edited December 2016

    The issue "Microsoft Office Excel has stopped working" is something related to Excel/OS/Registry. You have to analyse and find when & where the Error is occurring and troubleshoot accordingly.Further the Issues very broad and anything may cause Excel to Stop working, so practically impossible to provide any solution without further details.

    Symbol is Null or Invalid - Post Successful Login, KiteXL will download symbol list for all exchanges enabled for the Logged-In user, You should wait till it completes downloads. Download time may vary depend on your internet speed and Kite Server response.

    Today (20 Dec 16),There were some issues with Kite Server while Fetching/downloading Instruments list and kite server served nil instrument list for NSE exchange.Since KiteXL downloads symbol list only once per day from Kite Server and uses the saved symbols for further logins, it is using blank symbol list file for NSE, thus causing Symbol is Null or Invalid Error. Pls delete the Symbol List files in User Document Folder and Re login again to download fresh symbol list from Kite Server.

    Also check the content of SymbolList_NSE.txt in User Document, it should have symbols, if not then the Issue with Kite Server is not resolved, You can raise issue to Kite Admin .

    you can refer the doc @ KiteXL Doc
    for more details.
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