python script for short straddle

looking for readymade python script for short straddle, strangle automation.

Please email me at richard _at_ florix dot net
  • mukesh_Chaudhary
    mukesh_Chaudhary edited March 29
    Check my own algorithm working live. It takes both short/long straddle depending upon market. Whole script is written in python.
  • katemiller
    Many software engineers spend the bulk of their time in the user interface (the front-end) of web development projects. Because the majority of web browsers display HTML code, web developers have to make sure that the website is usable. They often also have to make it visually appealing.
  • rejeesh31
    Use this github for code and this youtube channel to learn how it works. High quality professionally written code and free to use. Goodluck!
  • Rahulfortunerfx
    You can contact me
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