Performance of Kite XL
I am facing two problems with KiteXL
1. I have subscribed few scrips, I have used "=SubscribeQuotes(A2,B2)" to get the tick data. Initially it showed "True" but after some time it turned into "False". Fortunately the ticks are intact. Can anybody let me know how to resolve this.
2. Sometimes the same cells are showing the "user is not logged in". but its showing the ticks. Orders are not being placed. If I click on log in button, all my orders are being placed once again. Please let me know how to rectify this issue.
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    The First & Foremost thing to remember while working with MS Excel is whenever a Cell value Changes,Excel Re-Calculates all Formula where the Cell is Referenced..

    Issue 1:-
    SubscribeQuotes Function will Return True when it Successfully Subscribed Quotes for the Specified Ticker and will return False,if the Ticker is already subscribed for Quotes.

    When You Initially call the SubscribeQuotes Function, it will return True as the Ticker is Subscribed for First Time and If You call it second time it will return False Bcoz it is already subscribed for quotes.Your Formula may be recalculated by many ways, By manually editing the formula & pressing enter or any changes in the Referenced cell will auto recalculates the formula by Excel.In Your case, Your formula is called Multiple time,You can simply ignore or call only once.

    Issue 2:-
    If you have naked PlaceOrder Formula in a Cell and it has reference to other cells whose values are changing frequently, this will cause the formula to execute.Post successful login, you are start getting quotes and cell values are changing, if your PlaceOrder Formula reference any of those cell say LTP, HIGH etc, this will cause the Excel to recalculate the PlaceOrder Formula there by placing Orders.

    As Mentioned in the Doc, You should carefully use PlaceOrder Function & use If Condition to restrict PlaceOrder Function being called repeatedly or at un-wanted time.

    The Best part of the KiteXL is , It displays all error in the Cell itself, that will enable you debug your trading system quickly and easily and correct formulas.

    Hope this clears...
    Hi Team

    Do we require Ambi broker to place order from KITE XL
  • balajipv
    Can any one share the Kite XL Sheet... I'm not able to find this in this forum.

    Thanks and Regards
    PV Balaji
  • mrudul123

    Kitexl is it a COM library. ???

    If so can it be used to integrate amibroker to kite api ?
  • RamG
    How to get Api key and Api secret,
    Are these free or paid,
    if paid how much its cost, as I interested in Kitexl.
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