Cannot create an account

I have just downloaded Kite. After installation, I tried to enter my email address and it says invalid. I cannot find anywhere to create an account. When I right-clicked on the Kite icon in my system tray, I clicked on login or create an account, though it says the same thing. Any help would be appreciated.
System: Windows 10
  • praj22
    Kite by Zerodha is either a website or a mobile application, I'm not sure of a windows based application named Kite which is by Zerodha.

    Are you sure that you're looking for
    1. Kite (by Zerodha)
    2. Kite (some other application) ? If the answer is 1 follow along...

    If you wanna open a trading account on Zerodha, you should be looking at

    Kite takes User ID for user credentials and not Email address, which you will get after completing registration.
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