Real Time MCX data for my custom web app

Can I get real time data for MCX using Kite Connect API to build my custom web app. I wanted to have customize charts and calculations on real time data of MCX.
  • akashdcs
    Thanks Kailash for your comment.
    I am a developer and not very familiar with the financial and stock terms. Can you help me with any link or the process I need to follow in order to get real time data of MCX.

    Till now, I have created a developer account but not yet created any App. If I am correct I need to buy credits to create an app. Can you guide me a little for the same.

    Thank you in advance.
  • Kailash
    The entire API is documented here --

    You should look at the Streaming / WebSocket API section. Unlike vanilla HTTP requests, streaming data uses the WebSocket protocol, which may be a little tricky to implement from scratch. We have client libraries with built-in support for WebSockets (the links can be found in the documentation).

    The WebSocket stream is a unified interface for all exchanges. You send a subscription request with an "instrument_token" (a unique numerical id that represents a contract) and you start getting streaming data. All of this is explained in the above linked docs.

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