How To Select option strikes dynamically?

I want to select my options dynamically.
For example I want to buy in the money PUT option for BANKNIFTY, or Sell CALL that is 10 strikes away. How do i find this dynamically?
Do I need to identify it by looping through the all available options?
  • Sundar76
    Hi - BankNifty Options are 100 pts wide. You can simply determine the nearest hundred from the underlying price and calculate the strike that is 1000 (10 * 100) pts from the U/L.

    BankNifty Index @ 35,291.65
    int nearest100 = Math.Round(35291.65d /100d, 0) * 100
    int callStrike = nearest100 + 1000d;
    string bnfCallOption = "BANKNIFTYYYMDD{callStrike}CE";

    hope this helps.
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