WEBSOCKET not Live Error

I am facing this error of websocket not live, picture attached, can anyone please help.

  • desiredoom
    still no response from anyone
  • botany02

    Could pls tell us what you are exactly doing or trying...?
    That show msgbox shows that websocket is not live...means websocket is not connected or not yet started.
    You need to start websocket.
  • desiredoom
    thanks for a response , reverting
  • desiredoom
    we are trying to get live streaming data into our webapp
  • desiredoom
    We have downloaded the simple kite example and run vb.net application. We are able to do the login process. but when i hit the start websocket button it is giving messsage box saying - Instruments not downloaded.
  • desiredoom
    is there any body?
  • desiredoom
    botanty awaiting your response
  • botany02
    botany02 edited January 2017
    You can refer the help_doc at https://www.howutrade.in/Docs/KiteDotNet/html/Introduction.htm which has all the methods and properties supported and how to call the methods and their sequence & exceptions.

    Below is brief on Login Flow.
    Post Successful Login
    You must get Access Token
    Once Access Token is received,
    You must call the download Instruments method before calling any other method.
    Downloading instruments from kite server will take some time depend on your net speed.
    You should wait till the download completes. symbols will be downloaded only once in a day on first login from kite server and will store symbol list in text file which will be used on second login on wards.
    So second login on wards, download instruments call will be fast as it will take just 2-3 secs to parse text file.
  • desiredoom
    Thnaks for your help. Now we have our web socket to live. but do i have to click on download instruments button everyday to get the symbol lists?
    How can i show live streaming data of the trades on my website?
  • botany02

    Yes..But not necessarily pressing the button...
    You can just call the Login, GetAccessToken & Download Instruments in a single sub or button also.

    That sample is just to illustrate individual methods...
    & just a simple implement.

    I'm not familiar with ASP.Net or Web Design..So i could n't help on this...
  • desiredoom
    Ok. But how can we show live streaming on our website?
    Are these symbol automatically updated?
    I want live data to be show.
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