Need code using Java API for a basic method to Connect, Place orders, etc...

I've learned Java programming, but i'm facing some starting issues like connecting with.

I need code in .java/.txt program file(s) using Java library API for the below method :

That takes input from file(PFA a sample) 'Input'.txt such as : NSE/BSE, SymbolName, Buy/Sell, LimitPrice/Market, Qnty.

It should display the things listed in following cases :

Case 1) Before placing order :
Margins needed to place each order
Upper circuit(of symbol), Lower circuit(of symbol)
Day's Open, High, Low, Close values(of symbol)
10minute candlestick's OHLC values(of symbol)
5minute candlestick's OHLC values(of symbol)
List of Volume(Bid/Ask) (@All prices of symbol) : Bid/Ask, Price, Volume.

Case 2) After placing order :
Pending qnty(of Order)
Positions(of Symbol)
Realised PNL(of Symbol), Unrealised PNL(of Symbol)
Volume(Bid/Ask) 200millisecond before placing order(@Price of Order)
Volume(Bid/Ask) 500millisecond after placing order(@Price of Order)

Case 3) After executing order :
Charges(of Order)
Funds available
Total realised PNL, Total unrealised PNL
List of Orders : Id, Time, etc...
List of Trades : Id, Time, etc...
List of Intra day Positions : NSE/BSE, SymbolName, Price, Qnty.
List of Overnight Positions : NSE/BSE, SymbolName, Price, Qnty.
List of Holdings : SymbolName, Price, Qnty.

If anyone can help me in this issue, i can pay the relevant charges for the service.
Best regards
Hari babu
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