Network outage at data center on 29th Jan 2018

We suffered major network outages at our Mumbai data centers that affected Kite services. We are investigating this issue.
  • razcads
    And how is Zerodha planning to account for our losses? Thanks to the outage i am sitting on a ton of loss
  • nikhil154
    nikhil154 edited January 2018
    Yeah , happened to me many a times due to this reason or the other. All we can do is forgive and forget , but seems zerodha does not have a permanent solution to these issues.
  • ninadkalan
    How to solve the issue of 'User Blocked'.?
  • ayush
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  • krtrader
    There should be mechanism to inform all API users to inform real time (SMS) about such outage so that users can take action in time if required.
  • cusodha
    Network outage,validation pending,Frequent disconnection of datafeed,Back-office outage,call and trade outage due to rain banglore !, Late contract note in email, Wrong STT in new contract note, Unreliable chart data in kite,Kite connect 3 api codes changed ! , New backoffice Crux waiting for one year,Slow data refresh rate.

    Above are some of the issues that user must not complain about as zerodha is most advance in Technology.Have patience,Losses of 10 to 20 lakh is nothing.

    Keep it up zerodha.

  • nikhil154
    @krtrader , Bro , most of the times even a sms is no good . When our trades start moving in the opposite direction and our stoploss orders wont get triggered due to these silly issues , all we can do is look at our m2m losses and laugh at ourselves for still trading through zerodha . I wonder what zerodha's policy is : Increase customer base with low brokerage or retaining the existing customer base .
  • GasTurbGuy
    GasTurbGuy edited January 2018
    @cusodha I feel your frustration man. I too feel that at times glitches (orders not going through in kite website is something that I face fairly frequently, even yesterday) are unacceptable considering that real money is involved here.

    @Zerodha Team, guys, if you're reading this (well, you should be), a piece of constructive feedback from a customer who only wishes good things for the brokerage; when one of your customers airs their frustration or grievances, the least you ought to do is acknowledge the complaint. Now, I don't know if you guys have reached out to @cusodha or the others on this forum via PM or something but I'm putting it out there for the rest of us who didn't get as frustrated enough to express ourselves on this forum (some of us are just that lazy I guess...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

    I also understand that complaints about your systems at large ought to be raised on your support webpage and not in the forum, but I'm trying to give constructive feedback to what might be a (hopefully) larger audience.

    Please understand that Zerodha prides itself on the fact that it grew this much without ever having to spend money on advertising and all of the growth came in through word of mouth. Please realise that while you work on your backend issues all by yourselves, please do keep your customer base in the loop, at least in the minimal amount possible. We just want reassurance that our complaints have been heard and are being looked into. Keeping your customer base completely in the dark without communicating any timelines or heck, roadmaps, will not earn goodwill in the long run. We are paying you brokerage/subscription for quality of service; we would like some accountability please.
  • Kailash
    We absolutely understand. Like most, if not all, financial institutions, our data centres are fully managed, and these services are availed from top Indian data centre companies. Ironically, Kite's infrastructure is in a specialist data centre in Mumbai, one tailor built just for financial services.

    The downside with managed services is that when incidents like this happen, we are not able to get hands on to dig down. We are forced to take the DC's word for it.

    As I've mentioned in the past, we've been working torwards moving away from this traditional setup (and Kite 3.0 is a milestone that enables us to do that). It's extremely unfortunate and infuriating for us and our clients that these anomalous incidents happen and we're left unable to explain why. Pretty much ruins the good work we've been doing.

    We're now in the middle of completing ditching this particular DC (reiterating, we've been planning this for a few months and I'd stated this on the forum as well) to a much more sophisticated, high availability DC. This, hopefully, will very soon co-incide with the full transition to 3.0.
  • GasTurbGuy
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    @Kailash Thanks! Appreciate the update.
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