Success stories using kite

Hi everyone,
Can you please share some of your stories of successful implementation of algos?
What was your initial investment and what was your return ?
How hard is to earn 10k a month with an investment of 50k or 1L using algo trading ?
  • razcads
    Aye.. i have. Running algo for a while now. I am able to get 7% return per month on capital invested post all brokerage charges and IT. However i loose all of it or more when i use my brain instead of algo - human tendency!
  • nickmanan
    @razcads great !! This motivates me to quickly build my logic.. have just started .
    Please share pitfalls I should avoid ☺️
  • thangavelu
    pls any one tell me how to deploy the created algo for trading in kite plat form.
  • thangavelu
    dear nickmanan ,if you want to stay in this market pls do not do future trading .Use supertrend 14,1 or 14,0.6period .trade according to that in pi .if you know to create algo follow that in kite.
  • Shaha
    @nickmanan, Yes. It works. I have been able to make monthly averaged over 50% (ofcourse using leaverage). But thats how i am managing my monthly expenses. Some months it doesnt work.. But now i have sufficient excess funds to take care of my expenses.. Soon i will scale up. Its a dream come true. :-)
  • sabyasm

    Congratulations! Can you share your technical details as well (which api you use, trading timeframe, how much of it is automated, capital deployed etc.)

    This is really inspirational.
  • Shaha
    :-) No one will share publicly such technical details. Once i have earned from it enough, i will open up in public.

    Another Reason:
    "One man's food can be other man's poison."
    Knowing strategy is just 25% of it. Its implementation is another 25%. Rest 50% is money management, knowing how much % of ur funds to invest and when to add to the investment. Algo need to know, when to have patience, and when to stop. Think logical strategy, deploy, penny test, study results, note down mistakes, study why it failed, evaluate any improvements, study if the improvements is in favor or against, then slowly scaleup. Its tough task and involves enormous efforts and patience sticking to your strategy, but thats the only way i know about. :-) Hope everone over here makes it. Including me, I am still a learner, long way to go.
  • sabyasm

    Rightly said and exactly that's why I am not interested or asked for your trading strategy - rather I am interested in discussing the technical infrastructure that you use for your "algo" trading (if you use kite api at all). Do you use any programmatic interface for order execution?

    I use python and hosted on a linux server for order placement, stop loss modification etc.

    I have written some code but not traded heavily to share much on-the-money performance.
  • Shaha
    Python from my laptop itself (as i want some interactive modes for my comfort and interference :wink: ) with 50 MBPS internet speed. Its too light weight that server not needed. 1 Min timeframe. Currently, capital is at 8 lak * 20x. Purely intraday. Live testing period so far - over 9 months. Live trading Drawdown - upto 30% of capital. Max days off peak - sometimes over 1 month too. But Annualised returns - approx 700% to 900%. Further optimisation in process, but so far i am satisfied and ready to have patience and risk the drawdown as i know the setup works. Havent upgraded to kite connect 3.0 yet. But have a same setup with another broker running live, with almost similar performance, for hedging against stability issues of kite.
  • ramatius
    Have been running one currency algo and one commodity algo under platform (now running with kite 3.0). Both algos have passed through backtest, livetest and couple of months of live trading now. The biggest challenge has been not to interfere with the fully automated flow. :smile:
  • nickmanan
    nickmanan edited April 2018
    @Shaha First of all ...Congratulations !!
    I've started to test my logic on equity with small amounts. I'm developing this for my secondary source of income.i cannot interfere with the trading bcoz i'm in office during trading hours.
    a) What's your view on momentum trading ?
    b) Do you trade in equity or futures ?
  • kamleshNB
    Has anyone tried Supertrend also with banknifty?
  • nickmanan
    nickmanan edited April 2018
    @Shaha whats the %profit u target for each trade ?
  • Shaha
    To answer your queries:
    1) I am a fan of momentum trading. Read Newton's 2nd law of motion multiple time till u can relate it to trading.. And u will also be a fan of how secrets are hidden in Junior collage physics, mathematics, stats. No need to go for sophisticated models... Profit making secrets is all around u. U just have to filter nuisance away.. And real working things will be crystal clear in front of u.
    b) I trade only in equity yet.
    c) The brokerage and STT is still high in Indian markets. So, i look for larger targets. As for every trade we take, we pay taxes and brokerage, so i believe in squeezing out the maximum that i can from that single trade.

    PM me, i will tell u where u can improve ur logic ur equity trading setup that u started on small amount.
  • Shaha
    @kamleshNB, in my backtest supertrend didnt work. So never went ahead with it further.

    Btw i have used supertrend for exit strategy and it worked good.
  • razcads
    @nickmanan Thanks!
    @Shaha - its same pinch to you.. Momentum trading is what works for me too.. remove the nonsense and follow the momentum.. Shhh.. secrets cant be given out! :D
  • Aravind
    Aravind edited May 2018
    First of all, great job on your successful algo trading.
    I have a question that I can't seem to find a clear answer to. Maybe u can help...
    Are your trades truly automated, or do you have to manually do something every time a trade needs to be placed? Bcos I read in some other threads that the exchanges do not allow automated trading, and when I wrote an email to rainmatter, they confirmed it and said that I can use kite connect as an alert system instead... Is that true...?
    Thanks in advance for any help...
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