Steps to get the data feed


I have created a developer account registering my app and would like to understand the steps to connect and access tick data. The documentation refers to Auth2.0 and I tried the same. When I try the API, I am being redirected to the Zerodha Login Page which ask for the USERID and PASSWORD. Do I need to open a Zerodha DEMAT account to login?
Since I am not an individual retail user rather a developer building an app, is there some other provision for us?

I am new to this part of the world and would appreciate your guidance.

  • Kailash
    @Debsush Yes, to login and use the API (place trade etc.), you need a Zerodha account. The API is meant for personal use, so once you get your Zerodha account, you should be able to authenticate and use the APIs. Even if you don't want to trade, you still need an account to login and test.

    If you're a business/indie developer who wants to build something and offer to the world, we can open up your app to let any Zerodha user login (users still need a Zerodha account). Please e-mail [email protected] for more info.
  • sameer
    I have created account. Where can I get API_key for authentication ?
  • Debsush
    Debsush edited July 2016
    What is the expiry date or time of a given token generated locally during a session which will be required for subsequent API calls to retrieve the data feed
  • Kailash
    @sameer Login and click on "Create app" and create a "Connect" app.

    @Debsush logins are flushed at 8:15 AM every morning. An access_token, unless invalidated, should last until then.
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