Is Kite Connect API only auto-trading platform or only algo-trading platform or both?

Hello Friends,

On many forums I have read that retail traders are not allowed to full algorithmic trading in India.
I wrote to Rainmatter as well and their response is confusing:
Thank you for writing to Rainmatter.

The Kite Connect APIs are primarily meant for building an execution platform. You can stream live data, place/modify orders, fetch your order book, margin limits, etc. The APIs are charged at Rs 2000 per month per app. You can start off by signing up to

You can read our API documentation.

And, all your technical queries can be posted in the developer forum.

The exchanges do not allow fully-automated trading for retail traders in India. Therefore, you could perhaps use the APIs to generate alerts to trade opportunities.
Hope, I have answered your query.
In first paragraph they are saying we can execute/place/modify orders. In last paragraph they are saying that we can use API to generate alerts.

So is it that we can generate alerts and execute/place/modify orders independently but cannot combine these two functionalities? I mean to say is it that we cannot first generate alert by coding strategy and then extend code to execute/place/modify orders?

If combining alert generation based strategy and order execution is restricted, what are benefits of coding for these two functionality independently (and paying Rs 2000 PM to Zerodha as well :smiley: )

  • Matti
    The APIs can place orders, but since automated trading for retail isn't allowed, you'll have to have manual UI interaction to place the orders.
  • ankur0101
    No Guys, you can have a full automated platform, you just need to have a programming language knowledge.
  • amamarde
    We can place all kinds of orders (CNC, MIS, BO, CO etc) for all types of exchanges (FNO, CDS etc) using kite API. When we pay for kite API usage, we can achieve full algo trading using this APIs, but ONLY for one user (which is mentioned while registering the app in Other user's *can not* use whatever you have implemented using kite APIs.

    So, in short, you can do whatever you want using those APIs but can not make service/product out of it for other users.

    Hope I have cleared your doubt!
  • Sakthi
    Friends, I am using Ninja NT 7 for charting and analysis.. Feed is from TrueData..I am wondering, is there any way, I can place orders via Chart Trader for NSE Markets.. Any insight is appreciated..

  • villageboy
    @Nikhil.A - Thanks. Your answer has cleared my doubt. It sounds very strange to have UI layer in between alert generation based on strategy and trade execution when UI layer is absolutely not needed. But this is how it is.

    @ankur0101 @amamarde - I think you have mis-understood. Though fully automated trading is technically possible, it is not allowed for retail traders.
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