How to place an order for currency trade (for instance: EURUSD may18)

i am trying to place an order for EURUSD may 18 and keep getting this error
RMS:Blocked for EURUSD FUTCUR EQUITY cde_fo Remarks: Blocked for Trading block type: ALL

i attempted it at 12:30 PM india time and 8:30 pm as well. i believe the markets are open from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.
all kinds of trading is activated on my account and yet i am unable to execute this one.
any help is much appreciated
  • razcads
    @nahso89 I guess cross currency pairs are not enabled on Zerodha platform as yet.. that's what I understood from the support team when I last checked with them. This could take longer to enable, so you will need to wait till then.
  • nahso89
    @razcads thanks for sharing man. much appreciated.
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