Redirect URL (Error - Not a valid https redirect URL)


I am attempting to create an APP in KiteConnect & notice that it requires a Redirect URL.

Note: I have searched & found several threads - Link on this topic & thru' that understand the basics

Also I refer to this - Link & based on which I specify a redirect url as - http://127.0.01/kite-redirect

However I am unable to proceed as it gives an error saying Not a valid https redirect URL even if I specify it as https://127.0.01/kite-redirect or just http://127.0.01/ the same error is received.

I have downloaded XAMPP & started the Apache service for the localhost ( I also watched this 2016 video - Link to get some idea although in my case am working in Java.

Since this is my first attempt, hope someone will help me get the connection part working. Thanks in advance for your time & help.
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