How to calculate Parabolic SAR

Hi,inorder to calculate parabolic SAR,we need to identify the current trend.How will we do that ?
  • _pr
    I have working code and setup for parabolic SAR calculation. Do let me know if you want the help.
  • sagarsethy
    please share me your email or phone no.

    you can reach me at 9937996989

    i want some help getting parabolic sar calculation
  • RED
    Hi @eldhoskariah ,

    Most people use Moving averages to identify a momentum or trend alongside MACD or ADX.

    Multiplier for moving averages depends on the time frame of your candle. If a wrong multiplier is used for different candle patterns, you get unnecessary noise in trading.

    All the formulas to implement are already available with code on google including parabolic sar.
  • Vaga
    Hope this would help if you're looking to code yourself.
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