Request Zerodha for increasing "Modifying order" call or cancelling it

Dear zerodha,

As a new algo trader i find very amusing that you have placed restriction in updating or modifying order limit of 25, it is really surprising that as we algo trader adopted the algo trading path and zerodha is placing restrictions on the same , as i have inquire with other api providers , there is no such limitation , so i request you to kindly remove this restriction or at least increase the limit since the limit given by you is quite small and each day, my trailing stop loss algo is affected by it, also i know you will say cancel the order and repeat, i have tried the same but results are not good for me. so as you are charging 2000 for the service , so i expect we should have some good features not limiting them. i request all the members to convey there message through this forum to increase the limit.
  • themohammedfaisal
    @samphel, the limitations are put in place for fair use and smooth uptime of the platform for all users. However, I do understand your request and will discuss it internally and get back soon.
  • samphel
    @themohammedfaisal yes i'm aware with that, but still 25 is less and mostly limit exceeds in a day so i request you to atleast increase the limit.
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