What is the way you calculate 9 day exponential moving average compared to 9 day simple mov average

Im trying to calculate manually 9 day exponential moving average.how is it different from 9 day simple moving average.i need to know how exactly kite web calculates it.Please provide me the details.i need this to incorporate into my trading program using kite connect this logic.
  • tahseen
    tahseen edited September 2021
    Simple moving average is the simple average of the last 9 period Price

    Exponential moving average different in that when your new value E
    E_new = New_Data * factor + (1 - factor) * E_current

    factor in your case would be 2 / (n + 1) means 2 / ( 9 + 1) = 0.2

    Remember that when you are first calculating EMA(9), for the 10th data the last 9 data would be simple moving average as a starting point and then onwards it would continue as I mentioned above
  • vishwanathbk
    Is it not possible to get the calculated moving average value directly from the api instead of calling another program to calculate it ? Looks like the API charges are so high (if all the technical indicators are not provided by the api and manually we have to calculate). I still have to explore it.
  • vasisht
    Sorry for the late reply.i got it.thanks all for your replies.
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