More than 5 orders in a second


I have read about the order limits per second here:

However I would like to ask this again, if these limits are still in place?

Also, what kind of error will I get If I send more than 5 orders in a second something like this in a for loop

for(int i=0;i<6;i++)
Exchange: Constants.EXCHANGE_NFO,
TradingSymbol: tradingSymbol,
TransactionType: transactionType,
Quantity: quantity,
Product: Constants.PRODUCT_MIS,
OrderType: Constants.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET);
  • vijayinvites
    Ok great, so I can place 10 orders in a second? I want to understand this little more detailed. If I place 10 orders continuously (say in the first 200ms, all 10 orders are placed), will it work without an issue? My 11th order must be placed after one second of the first order? Is that correct understanding?
    The rate limit of 10r/s means you can use the order place api maximum of 10 times in one second.
  • vijayinvites
    Thanks. Also just to ensure that use will be notified if there is a decrease in rate limits? Since my code assumes now that I can place 10 orders in a second, my code may fail if the rate limits decreased without me knowing it.
    SRIJAN edited April 20
    If there are any changes to rate limits or anything related to KiteConnect APIs, it will be updated on this forum.
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