on_order_update callbacks are received on all kiteticker instances?


I run three kiteticker instances at a moment. All of them may place order at end of 15 min candle, so it's possible that all three instances have placed different orders at, say 9:30 AM.

My question is, the order updates of the orders placed by these three instances are broadcasted to ALL instances, or to the instances which PLACED order?

I hope you are clear on question. To simplify it, kitetikcer instance k1 sent order o1, k2 sent o2 and k3 sent o3, then the on_order_update callbacks will be received for all three orders by all three isntances, or k1 will recieve updates only for o1 and likewise?

I am observing that the order updates are sent randomly to random instances, not following any of the above two rules.
    Depends on the user_id of the api_key used when initializing KiteTicker.
    On_order_update will send all order updates for the user_id mentioned in your app details on the developer console .
  • tapanjbhatt
    @SRIJAN , i forgot to mention that all ticker instances are created for same app, same user. That means, all instances will receive all order updates, correct?

    Please confirm, and then you can close the discussion.
    Yes,all instances should receive order updates for all orders if all instances use same api_key.

    Like,in your example,all the 3 instances,k1,k2 and k3 should get updates for all the 3 orders,o1,o2 and o3. It doesn't matter from which instance a order was placed .
  • tapanjbhatt
    gr8...thx for confirmation.
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