Historical Candle data is missing in live market

In Live market Historical data candle is missing(refer screenshot)
Script : IOC
Timeframe: 2minute

At 15:05:06
Got data till 15:05:00

At 15:05:07
Got data till 15:03:00

1) why this is happening
2) How to handle it

    SRIJAN edited May 30
    In the 1st dataset,you have all the completed candles, and the running live candle of 15:05. So, nothing is missing.

    About 2nd,did you use different 'to' parameter than the previous one??
  • ATH
    No Srijan,

    1) I'm fetching Historical data in While loop
    2) Historical function parameters are same for 1st and 2nd dataframe
    Weird , how can the candle disappear after it has started??

    However,historical data is provided only for backtesting purposes .
    To generate live candles, websocket is recommended.
    You can know more here:
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