API showing incorrect API key, api secret error in between

Hello team.

after creating the object successfully.
the API working perfectly for position book calls
but when calling order_history, it's showing below error,
and again it's working fine for other API calls perfectly except order_history.

File "kiteconnect\connect.py", line 416, in order_history
File "kiteconnect\connect.py", line 826, in _get
File "kiteconnect\connect.py", line 898, in _request
kiteconnect.exceptions.InputException: Invalid `api_key` or `access_token`.
    SRIJAN edited June 8
    Are you using set_access_token method??
  • ATH
    Hello SRIJAN

    I'm facing Same issue,
    and using set_access_token()

    - Is their any alternative
    - how to handle this error

    SRIJAN edited June 14
    @ATH ,

    Check if your api_key/access token is having null value.
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