Support for Tag Based Filtering in Console P&L & API Access for Developer Apps

Two Requests:
1. While there is a tag field for filtering p&l reports (, it does not seem to work for custom tags sent via an API with an order. For example, when I fetch my order, I can view the tag in the API response. Zerodha is definitely saving it against the order. But the filtering seems broken. Would be great to have it now that I have a few programmatic strategies and would like to see a strategy level P&L for a daterange and tag so that I can compare execution vs. backtesting.

2. Better yet, would be great if this API is opened up via Kite Developer. The console api uses a session token (stored in a cookie) to make the API call, so its hard to replicate the same call. Would be good to have this so we can tally our own p&L calculations with Zerodha for better reconciliation and make tweaks to the strategy accordingly.
  • rahilbhansali

    A screenshot of the tag showing up in the order response
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    1.The tags sent with orders can only be seen in the orderbook response. These can't be fetched on console.

    2.Historical tradebook/positions etc. are part of ZERODHA'S back office CONSOLE.

    KiteConnect is purely a trading platform.
    Hence, KiteConnect can't provide backoffice features as of now.
  • rahilbhansali
    Hi @SRIJAN -

    1. I understand that. But can this support be enabled? Would be a great addition. For instance, there is no way to bifurcate or validate a programmatic strategy retroactively unless we maintain an up-to-date orderbook at our end. The order ids also get flushed post 24 hours so you can't query the order api with an order id from last week. Would be good if the tradebook on console was filterable by our custom tags. If not - would be nice to have the tags atleast shown alongside a trade so when downloaded, it can be bifurcated.

    Can't be that hard if the tag universe is the same. I'm happy to help find a solution if the issue is that the tag field is being used by multi-user apps for some other purpose.

    2. I don't think you understood my ask or maybe i have not understood the response. I am aware its all in console. But programmatic access would be great to the same so that we can reconcile it and download EOD trades into our own platforms as well. Currently - the console is cookie based, so it makes it a lot harder to mimic the API calls made by console for the same.

    My app is a single-user app and does proprietary intraday trades. The above would greatly help someone like me!
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    KiteConnect is just a way to connect to Kite,the trading platform of zerodha.

    Console is the backoffice platform of Zerodha.

    There is no connection between Kite and Console,so one can't provide the features of another.

    1. The tag universe is not the same.
    You can tag your positions on Console.
    But these are console exclusive tags. The tag you send when you place orders through API are API exclusive.

    2.Again,as told above KiteConnect can't provide the Console features.

    These features are only possible if Zerodha decides to launch Console APIs in future,maybe! ;)
  • rahilbhansali
    @SRIJAN - cool. While I understood that they were structured as separate apps, didn't realise the teams maybe entirely different.

    Hopefully the console apis are exposed in the future :) Thanks!
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