How to get data for indices?

The instruments csv dump provided by the API does not contain tokens for indices. I am using websocket api (java client) for reading live market data. I cannot get data for indices like (NIFTY, BANKNIFTY etc.)
  • jits_1998
    for Nifty the symbol is "NIFTY 50" and for Bank nifty it is "NIFTY BANK"
    SRIJAN edited June 23
    @rialal ,

    The instruments dump does contain data for indices.

    As told by @jits_1998 , you have to match with the correct tradingsymbol .

    You can also sort with segment as 'INDICES' to get data for all indices,incase you don't know the correct tradingsymbol for an index.
  • rialal
    Hello @SRIJAN & @jits_1998 ,

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. I missed the indices value in the filter.

    It was my mistake, so I apologize.
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