Is everyone receiving the same number of Data points?

In this post, I would like to ask people to share the total number of data points they received for the whole day in BANKNIFTY options on Thursday/Wednesday.
Please mention your physical location (to determine the distance from the data center), type of internet connection you use, bandwidth, code for websocket.

Location: Mumbai
Internet connection type: 4G
Bandwidth: 40 Mbps
WebSocket code:

I'm putting the numbers for last week. I'll put the numbers for this week on Thursday.
BANKNIFTY options for 28 July 2022:

BANKNIFTY22JUL37000CE: 37439
BANKNIFTY22JUL37100CE: 35627
BANKNIFTY22JUL37200CE: 37443
BANKNIFTY22JUL37300CE: 35684
BANKNIFTY22JUL37400CE: 37441
BANKNIFTY22JUL37500CE: 35688
BANKNIFTY22JUL37600CE: 37378

I couldn't share the PE numbers as I forgot switch on the PE.
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    The websocket just relays whatever Zerodha receives from the exchange to the users,every tick received by Zerodha is sent to everyone.

    However,ticks can be missed at the client side due to blocking of main ticker thread or latency issues.

    So, it's impossible that everybody's system would have logged the same number of ticks as yours.
    But if there were no frequent disconnections,the number would be very close.
  • cskasm
    Here are the numbers for today

    BANKNIFTY options for 04 Aug 2022:

    BANKNIFTY2280437500CE: 36060
    BANKNIFTY2280437600CE: 36765
    BANKNIFTY2280437700CE: 36202
    BANKNIFTY2280437800CE: 37166
    BANKNIFTY2280437900CE: 36219
    BANKNIFTY2280438000CE: 37189
    BANKNIFTY2280438100CE: 36229

    BANKNIFTY2280437500PE: 37229
    BANKNIFTY2280437600PE: 35784
    BANKNIFTY2280437700PE: 37241
    BANKNIFTY2280437800PE: 35743
    BANKNIFTY2280437900PE: 37209
    BANKNIFTY2280438000PE: 35750
    BANKNIFTY2280438100PE: 36915
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