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Why i am receiving 1970 timestamp and old last trad item in my api response

instrument_token': 10960386, 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(1970, 1, 1, 5, 30), 'last_trade_time': datetime.datetime(2020, 12, 10, 15, 29, 54)
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    This is NIFTY2281119050PE.
    It's extremely ITM option,so very illiquid.

    The last trade time is correct.
    And the timestamp is the epoch start time,you can observe this in the ticks for all instruments today.

    I don't the reason exactly,but I read somewhere that exchange sends timestamp as 0 before 9:15 on trading days by Sujith Sir.

    And exchange doesn't send ticks during holidays.

    So,I guess if the exchange sends timestamp as 0 ,or there is no timestamp for the current day because of holiday(the exchange didn't send any tick),the Kite server just sends epoch start time as timestamp.
  • sahilajmeri1
    Even this whole json response is not matching with nse option chain

    {'NIFTY2281117550CE': {'Strike': 17550.0, 'Lot': 50, 'Expiry':, 8, 11), 'Instument Type': 'CE', 'Open': 73, 'High': 117.8, 'Low': 48.9, 'Ltp': 99, 'Close': 99, 'Volume': 0, 'Vwap': 0, 'OI': 1870800, 'OI High': 0, 'OI Low': 0, 'Buy Qty': 0, 'Sell Qty': 0, 'Ltq': 50, 'Change': 0, 'Bid Price': 0, 'Bid Qty': 0, 'Ask Price': 0, 'Ask Qty': 0}, 'NIFTY2281117550PE': {'Strike': 17550.0, 'Lot': 50, 'Expiry':, 8, 11), 'Instument Type': 'PE', 'Open': 209.95, 'High': 238.9, 'Low': 105.85, 'Ltp': 114.85, 'Close': 114.85, 'Volume': 0, 'Vwap': 0, 'OI': 750100, 'OI High': 0, 'OI Low': 0, 'Buy Qty': 0, 'Sell Qty': 0, 'Ltq': 50, 'Change': 0, 'Bid Price': 0, 'Bid Qty': 0, 'Ask Price': 0, 'Ask Qty': 0},
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    There is no mismatch.

    The oi/volume on NSE are displayed in lots whereas the same is displayed in total quantity on Kite.

    Multiply the numbers on NSE by lot size ,and you will get the same number as displayed on Kite.

    All the data displayed on Kite is according to the bhavcopy published at the end of each trading day on the exchange's website.

    So,there can be no mismatch.
  • sahilajmeri1
    sahilajmeri1 edited August 2022
    Why change in OI is not there kite nfo opt?
    Go and ask support team.

    This forum is purely dedicated to queries related to KiteConnect APIs.
  • sahilajmeri1
    I appreciate your response; it seems a very good way to communicate with customers, I think there are some issues in the training of Kite connect we would be glad if you can reply to us in proper professional way.
    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    What other response do you want??
    This is a community driven forum,not a support forum.
    We are all developers who take out some time to help other developers on this forum.

    KiteConnect APIs just display the data on Kite web/app.

    We don't decide what to display on Kite .

    If you want something new,you have to contact support team and not on this forum.
  • stockants
    How to get price feed of future and option ?
    @stockants ,

    You can use websocket, market quotes or historical data API to get data for any instrument.
  • dearsatya
    I have prepared a training course on Zerodha kite connect API on Udemy. You can check it out here
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